Welcome to Ferris360 – The Ultimate High-Intensity Full-Body Workout

Ferris360 is not not just another gym, we offer a carefully-crafted, signature 60 minute full-body session – the ultimate workout!

Our approach: you can get an amazing, kick ass workout every day, with truly convenient hours, 364 days of the year. Our workouts are designed for the athlete; the beginner, and every body in between. We are about real people achieving real results. Clients tell us all the time how our workout methodology has changed their lives in dramatically positive ways. Even clients who say “I don’t do fitness classes” are hooked once they get involved. We are a positive community of committed people helping our clients get strong – and stay strong. In fact, we’ve never heard from a single unhappy client. So, what are you waiting for? 

Ferris360’s FULL360 classes are challenging and motivating. We use a unique combination of cardio, strength, power, core and flexibility exercises to help you train like an true athlete. The result is a very dynamic, high-intensity program that helps you burn maximum body fat while increasing your strength, stamina, endurance, flexibility and agility. It really works!

Give us your full effort for 60 minutes – 3 to 6 times a week – and you will see and feel the results in no time.

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Ferris360_Treadmills2_EquipmentFerris360 offers clients the world’s premier treadmill – the Woodway!

– Preferred treadmill of top facilities: 97% of the NFL, 93% of MLB, 90% of the NBA, 40% of NHL professional sports teams, U.S. and Canadian military bases, and college and universities.

– No hard wooden deck, and thin cotton weave belt! Woodway offers a vulcanized rubber surface that is 90% more shock absorbing versus a conventional treadmill.

– Safer on bones, joints, muscle tissues and tendons.

– 0.1mph and 0.1% elevation increments designed to accommodate all levels of fitness.

– Woodway = Green. The Woodway requires approximately 50% less electricity, reduces waste (as there is no maintenance on the running surface), and has a longer life cycle for a greener treadmill option that benefits us all.

– Quiet design – the Woodway treadmill design reduces a lot of the noise generally associated with conventional treadmills


Ferris360_Rowers_EquipmentFerris360 uses Concept2 Rowers for an unparalleled full body workout!

-Concept2 are the #1 selling indoor rower in the world.
-Concept 2 makes the aerobically demanding sport of rowing, accessible to athletes of all ages, sizes and abilities.
-This full body workout is a huge calorie burner.
-Indoor rowing is an easy-to-learn exercise that works legs, arms, and core in a wide range of motion
and helps increase aerobic and core strength.
-The mechanics of rowing help promote great joint health.


Ferris360_Versaclimber_EquipmentFerris 360 also offers a unique training option with Versa Climber!

– Vertical climbing, total body training, cardio exercise.
– the #1 calorie-burning exercise option on the market.
– Used by many college and university locations, military and high-performance facilities, and professional sports teams.
– Zero impact, safe to use, upper and lower body workout with amazing results.


Ferris360_Ski_EquipmentFerris360 is the first to encorporate the Skierg into group fitness classes. It is adds great balance to our Full360 workouts because this equipment provides a full body workout with great emphasis on the upper body and core!

-fluid, rhythmic motion that helps you build strength and endurance.
-like the Concept2 Rower, you are in control of the resistance, as you pull harder the flywheel spins faster and you have increased the resistance.
-impact free
-ability to train in a standing position! So much of our day is spent sitting and the body is meant to be moving thats why the skierg is a logical conditioning choice.
-great for cardiovascular training, it is remarkable how quickly your heart rate will increase.


Ferris360_TRX_EquipmentTRX says “make your body your machine”

-TRX is a great tool delivering a fast, effective total-body workout using a system that leverages gravity and your body weight.
-It benefits people from all fitness levels from beginners to professional athletes.
-TRX was born in the Navy SEALs and is used by professional athletes including MLB, Olympic athletes, UFC fighters and more).
-TRX helps build a rock-solid core, increase muscular insurance, flexibility, balance and BURN CALORIES.
-A beautiful aspect with TRX training is that you have control of how much you want to challenge yourself on each exercise, by adjusting your body position this increases or decreases the resistance.


-Hex weights
-Stabilization Balls
-Reebok Bands
-Foam Rollers
-Skipping Ropes
-Medicine Balls
-Bender Balls
and more…


Sylva Mischke


With over nine years of experience working in Vancouver and numerous certifications (Canfit Pro Personal Trainer Specialist, Les Mills International BodyPump Instructor, Les Mills International RPM Instructor and TWIST Sport Conditioning Coach), Sylva’s goal is to help people of all levels and abilities to set, achieve and exceed their personal goals. To that end, she attends Canfit Pro conferences annually to ensure she is up to date on all the latest trends and exercise protocols.Throughout the years, she has won five North American bodybuilding competitions (as a drug-free athlete) and garnered recognition as a fitness trainer. Sylva has the unique ability to “bring out the athlete in everyone.”

Derek O’Keefe


Derek was born and raised in Ireland. Coming from a soccer background, Derek took his love for coaching soccer teams and applied it to the personal training industry. He is a firm believer in a hard work ethos and dedication to achieving goals. He enjoys training clients of all abilities and believes that as a trainer you must always continue to learn and educate yourself to become the best you can be. “Through guided programming, nutrition and lifestyle strategies, goals can become reality!” His certification is impressive; Crossfit level 1, Crossfit Olympic lifting, Stretch to win-Fascial Stretch Therapy, Poliquin Biosignature Practitioner, Precision Nutrition Certified Coach, Advanced Kettlebell Instructor, TRX Suspension Training Team Coach, Sports Coaching and Development Ba Hons, FA Certificate in Coaching Football. www.okeeffefitness.ca

Samuel Shimi


Samuel Shimi is a certified personal trainer, fitness instructor, professional kickboxer, and model with a background in wrestling, grappling, and mixed martial arts. Throughout his nearly fifteen years of experience in the fitness industry, Shimi has had the opportunity to work with clients across the spectrum of fitness, including professional athletes, MMA fighters, and fitness models. In addition, he has medaled 8 distinct times in men’s physique competitions, taking home gold twice. In his latest program, The Making of a Beast, Shimi provides you with a simple, actionable book, with a focus on building proper foundations. Shimi’s ultimate goal for his proven program is to provide you his with the all of the tools you need to achieve your ultimate fitness and body goals.

Julian Ho

Ferris360_JulianV2Julian approaches coaching fitness and health as he does his own; holistically. He believes in achieving and managing a harmony of the body, mind, and spirit. He is a multi-sport athlete, a multi-certified coach​/​ ​instructor​/ ​trainer, and an Ultramarathon champion. In order to be innovative, creative, and curious, Julian also invests his energy into experiencing a wide range in food, fashion, design, music, art and film. As you can tell, he endorses a system of learning through diversity, after all, variety is truly the spice of life. “To be able to run, bike, lift, yoga, climb, and dance all in one day with the widest range of people and environments is truly a gift. I am grateful to be able to connect deeply with people as a career. I hope that my mission to teach holism and mindfulness through the vessel of fitness resonates with my community, and echoes as an example for years to come.” Learn more about him at www.julianho.ca

Jordana Mednick

Ferris360_JordanaJordana has been working out her whole life. Turning her passion into her career, she became a certified trainer seven years ago. Jordana’s certifications include Circuit, Spin, and Barre. Jordana’s classes guarantee to challenge and motivate you.

Shaheed Keshvani

Ferris360_ShaheedShady is a passionate fitness instructor and an athlete himself, as a member of Canada’s National Cricket team. Growing up playing provincial level soccer and AAA hockey, his love for the team environment and high performance became strong. He plays and coaches at the Toronto Cricket Skating and Curling Club and has extensive experience training athletes of all ages and skill levels. His training style is very form specific and concentrates on posture and athleticism through all movement patterns. Shady also dabbles as a DJ, so his music always keeps the vibes positive.

Chris Woodward

Ferris_Chris-WoodwardChris believes strongly that keeping an active lifestyle is an important part of his holistic happiness. He has been a keen runner ever since grade 6 when he ran his first 10k, the Vancouver Sun Run, (in less than 40 mins!). As much as he loves running, he knows it just isn’t enough to keep your whole body firing on all cylinders (but these classes will!). Chris has been coming to Ferris360 since the beginning and loves how the classes encompass some fantastic basic fundamental movement skills and work all the major muscle groups.He brings his wealth of experience in fitness to Ferris360. Chris has played almost every sport imaginable, toured across Europe for rugby and competed at provincial levels for many teams and individual events. Currently, he is a director of sports, health and well-being and has been coaching teams for over ten years. “With my free time, I enjoy movies and comic books, music, art, fishing, hiking, and snowboarding, when I am not running, playing sports or coaching!”.

Aaron McSwain

Ferris_AaronAaron is a prominent expert in the field of corrective and high-performance kinesiology. For over 14 years, Aaron’s unique approach to treatment, training, and education has changed the lives of countless clients, students and peers. He treats the body as a whole system and finds the root cause of problems. Aaron specializes in coaching middle to long distance runners to overcome their performance challenges.

Megan Leach

Ferris360_MeganLeachDancer, actress, athlete and fitness professional, Megan Leach is a positive motivator who brings an incredible energy and range of exercise knowledge to her clients. Megan’s love of music makes for a versatile, creative and challenging class that makes training a pleasure. She loves to make people sweat and can’t wait to work you out!

Sarah Ferris – Owner

With a Physical Education degree from the University of Western Ontario, Sarah has always kept fitness at the centre of her life. She regularly competes in marathons, half marathons and triathlons – and has even raced cars professionally. Earlier in life, Sarah competed in the Gillette Challenge and won the title of “The fittest woman in Toronto.”

While living in California, circuit and interval training became an integral part of her physical conditioning. When she moved back to Toronto in 2007, she couldn’t find a boutique-style gym that offered the type of classes she loved in California. Ferris360 was born from her passion for highly effective, creative, fun and motivating workouts. With Ferris360, her goal is to offer her clients a unique workout that includes a combination of cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, plyometrics, core drills and stretching.


At Ferris360, we value your continued support. Clients love introducing Ferris360 to their friends and family because our full-body workouts really work! That’s why we created the Ferris360 Refer a Friend Rewards Program – a simple and easy way to earn rewards. Everytime you refer a friend you earn points.

Step 1:Refer a friend*: 1,000 points (just let us know when you refer someone).
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*friend must live in Toronto (out of town guests do not qualify).

Here are some ways you can redeem your points:
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