Our Signature class is the bread and butter of Ferris360. In this challenging and high intensity workout you will use our range of equipment combined with functional strength and conditioning movements, all planned by our talented and knowledgeable instructors. With a range of specialties and backgrounds, each instructor brings a fresh and new spin on the class.


Get more bang for your buck! The Ferris FULL360 Tabata workout is extremely effective for endurance and fat loss. Tabata training’s documented proven formula increases your anaerobic capacity, your ability to consume oxygen and your metabolism for the rest of the day (so you are burning calories well after your workout).
Tabata training is a type of high-intensity interval training that follows a specific format:
– 20 seconds of very high intensity exercise, all out!
– 10 seconds of rest
– repeat 8 times for a total of 4 minutes
Sign up today for the 4 minute miracles, TABATA.


Core + Glutes is exactly what its title suggests: a challenging workout targeting your abdomen, trunk, and glutes. This strength-based class uses a well-balanced mixture of moves that will focus on functional strength and mobility.


Core + Glutes is exactly what its title suggests: a challenging workout targeting your abdomen, trunk, and glutes. This pilates-based class uses a well-balanced mixture of moves that will focus on functional strength and mobility.


In this 60-minute full body workout, expect high intensity bursts of activity and a major bang for your buck. Get your sweat on in this rapid-paced class featuring a series of strength and cardio intervals with just enough rest to recover before the next one.


Interested in feeling strong and looking lean? The shred class combines cardio and strength movements that target fat loss and lean muscle growth. Expect high repetition sets where you’ll feel the burn and see your desired results in the mirror.

FULL360 Strength-o-nomics

The perfect class to take your strength training to a new level, that of an athlete!


This is an excellent opportunity for you to use the gym on your own. There is a certified instructor there to help guide you but your workout is completely personal. This is great for a quick lunchtime workout!


A blast of high intensity training with a total body circuit challenge. This class is all about pushing yourself. The challenges combine cardio burn segments (on the Versaclimber, Concept II Rower, Woodway treadmill and the good old skipping rope) with functional exercises zeroing in on strength and core. Give it your maximum effort and get results fast, take the challenge and test your ability in this dynamic class.


Yes, this class has an emphasis on the Woodway Treadmill BUT the good news is that at Ferris360, we also include our Skiers and rowers as well as the Versa Climber in our Cardio range, so you are NOT subject to just the treadmill.


If you like lights low, bass bumping and a good old fashion sweat, this one is for you. We promise to bring pure energy to this new and exciting class so don’t wait. The time is now!


Gain strength and master new skills through this controlled class that focuses on barbell technique. Whether you’re new to the bar or you’re a veteran lifter, this class is an opportunity to learn new movements, build strength, and feel powerful. You’ll learn how to master the back and front squat, overhead press and push press, snatch, clean and jerk, deadlift, and more.


Take out the stress in your life in this unique boxing class that will teach you everything from jabs and uppercuts to front kicks in a safe, fun, and motivating environment. If you’re looking for a new way to sweat, this class is the one to try!


Using dumbbells, barbells, TRX, and bodyweight movements, this full-body workout drops the cardio in exchange for a full hour of strength training. Squats, lunges, shoulders, chest, back, core and more – you’ll face a mash-up of movements that leave you feeling sweaty and strong.


This 75 minute class starts with 15 minutes of optional cardio, run by Shady. This cardio session is followed by 60 minutes of our much-anticipated yoga class, targeting functional mobility and flexibility. A game changing necessity for all athletes.

This should definitely be in your weekly schedule. Stay tuned for more availability.


If you are looking to improve your posture, mobility and flexibility or just looking for a low impact class to reset the mind and body, then this is the perfect class for you.

CONCEPT 2 CARDIO – Coming soon

Classes start October 4th!

Master your form and technique on the concept 2 row and ski ergometers. This class will put your heart rate and cardio capacity to the test while also focusing on rowing and skiing skills. During extended rest periods the class will focus on mobility, flexibility and core exercises to give you yet another 60 minute full body workout.