“My Heart Rate is that of an Athlete”

Posted on Mar 11, 2014 in News, Our Community

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In 2013 Kate completed 178 classes at Ferris360, which calculates to approximately 3.5 classes a week. Here is an email she sent us a few days ago, simply said, WHAT WE DO WORKS IF YOU DO THE WORKOUTS!

“Last week I went to give blood and was shocked to learn that my resting heart rate is now 45. The nurse asked me if it was always this low. I remember testing my heart rate in the past and it was always over 60 beats per minute at least, which is still considered normal. I did some Googling and learned that my heart rate is that of an “athlete”, which is so beyond crazy for me to think about. I was never someone that loved fitness and went for years in my 20s without doing anything, but when I found Ferris 360 I finally found something I loved. My goals for fitness were all related to ‘toning’, but learning about my heart rate on Tuesday was so exciting for me and I had to share.

It’s all credit to Ferris 360 and the great trainers though. I would never be able to accomplish this on my own.

Thank you,

Kate B
Marketing Manager & Ferris360 Gold Member Client