Getting Out of A Rut after a Long and Brutal Winter!

Posted on Apr 13, 2014 in News, Our Community

“I can’t even tell you how happy Ferris360 makes me.
I was in such a rut after such a long and brutal winter –
physically yes but more so mentally/emotionally. I’d been “eyeing”
Ferris for awhile and I made the decision to do the 30-day unlimited
beginning April 1st in an effort to give myself a kick start. But I
couldn’t have imagined what a difference it would make in such a short
time. For me, it’s about the way the workout makes me feel INSIDE –
strong, motivated, disciplined, energized and HAPPY!!! And it’s not
just the workout but the social aspect too. I’ve been a Goodlife
member for years and can honestly say that I never talk to anyone when
I go there to work out. Ferris is different. It’s a community.
Everyone is so friendly -members and staff included. I love that Sylva
knows my name and gives each of us individual attention throughout the
workout to ensure our technique is correct. And the other members have
been warm and welcoming. Thank you Ferris360 for getting me out of my
funk. I absolutely believe in you!!!

Caitlin Z.
Speech-Language Pathologist, Trauma Program, Sunnybrook Hospital & Ferris360 client
photo: selfie