A Kidney Donor’s Fitness Journey

Posted on Mar 17, 2015 in News, Our Community

Client Testimonial

“I started at Ferris360 in July 2014 after donating a Kidney for my mom. The surgery left me with a 6 inch incision across my abs that destroyed all my strength and muscle. On my first day, I couldn’t even hold a plank. Within weeks, I had built a lot of strength and within months I was back in shape, or even in better shape than I had been before the surgery – far ahead of what the doctors predicted, they couldn’t believe how much I was doing so fast. Ferris360 also helped my running, beating my personal best half marathon by almost 4 minutes and making racing feel easier than ever before. I have never been one to like doing fitness classes. In fact for years my friends have been dragging me to their gyms and each time I would get bored or frustrated and usually leave feeling like I still needed to go for a run. Ferris’ classes are not your regular gym class, they are challenging, fun and ALWAYS hardcore. In the 8 months I have been going, there hasn’t been one repetitive class, it’s always something new and that is because each instructor really cares about your success and takes time to plan each class perfectly.”

Leah, Ferris360 client